Are there BlackBerry competitors?

There was a time when BlackBerry pretty much had the entire smart phone market to themselves; those days are long gone now. There is now so much competition for smart phone sales that the maker of BlackBerry Research in Motion is in serious financial trouble. The competitors who have come into the market are some of the biggest companies in the world.

There are actually a lot of competitors for BlackBerry; the smart phone market is one of the most competitive in the world. This has resulted in a significant loss of sales for the company over the years. When the BlackBerry first came out they controlled the market and sales were huge. Since then there have been a lot of competitors appear and that includes some of the biggest companies in the world. As a result of this competition BlackBerry has fallen all the way to fifth in the marketplace. The good news however is that this competition has made for much better products for the consumer.

There are basically two different types of companies that compete with BlackBerry, the first are the ones that make the devices themselves. The biggest player in this market is now Nokia who build a line of several different smart phones that have become very popular. Other competitors who build the devices would include Samsung and LG. There are lots of companies who have tried to enter the market to build the devices, mainly because this is the easy part. Far more difficulty is building the operating system that runs it, companies that produce this are the other big competitor for BlackBerry.

Most of the companies that compete with BlackBerry for the construction of the actual smart phones rely on operating systems that are made by somebody else, BlackBerry are one of the few that makes their own operating system. This sector of the market has attracted some of the biggest companies in the world. This would include Microsoft with their Windows Phone 7 and Google with their Android operating system. It is really the competitors when it comes to the operating systems that has hurt the sales for BlackBerry more than the smart phone makers themselves.

The biggest direct competitor for BlackBerry is the Iphone of Apple since they are the only competitor who does the same as BlackBerry and makes the phone and the operating system themselves. It is also Apple who have really hurt the sales for BlackBerry the most with their very intensive marketing campaigns. There is considerable debate about who makes the better product but there is really no debate about who has done a better job of marketing their product. When Apple releases a new version of their iPhone there are huge lineups at the stores to get them, this just doesn't happen when a new BlackBerry comes out.